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Equitation is the art and practise of riding and horsemanship. Originally it was an integral part of battlecraft for the Army’s of our forbearers. The mounted soldiers and Officers would start by training and bonding with their horses. In the years that have passed these vital skills were seen for their sporting application and the disciplines morphed into formalised sport once all the wars were over. The formalising of an Association, to support and grow Equestrian Sport in the Army, started around 1952 and since then the aim has always been to encourage serving personnel to strengthen their courage and resolve through the challenge of Equitation.

Riders and horses, across all ranks and cap badges, enjoy the team spirit and encouragement that comes from their Mounted Sports Clubs or Regimental Teams. Recently loan horse schemes, and a new Grassroots league allow those who don’t own a horse the opportunity to get involved in the sport and compete for their Corps and the Army. These are ably supported by the Army Centres of Equitation (ACE) which can be found in garrisons across the globe. Nearly every discipline is supported and the main Army level teams are for Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. These teams represent the Army at National and Inter-Service level competition through the year.


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  • President – Major General Jim Hockenhull (Late Int Corps)
  • Chairman – Colonel Francis Castle (Late AGC (SPS))
  • Secretary – Major Fran Sykes RA
  • Treasurer – Major Richard Chambers, HCMR
  • Chief d’Equipe – Captain Sean Nicholls, HCMR
  • Competition Secretary – Major Rebecca Darke, RLC
  • Media Officer – Mrs Jenny Naylor, MOD
  • Endurance Representative – Major Shelly Bates AGC
  • Grass Roots League Officer – Major Sophie Gregory AMS (RADC)